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Vision and Overarching Principles


“The Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne will strive to become a premier Youth Development Organization, and by so doing will empower our members with the tools to graduate from high school, plan for a bright and successful future, demonstrate good character and citizenship, and live a healthy lifestyle.”


What we do


The Club provides a fun, yet intellectually stimulating after-school environment for children ages 6-18.  The Club operates Monday-Friday, from 2-7 p.m. on school days, and  from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on non-school days and throughout most of the summer.  The Club annually serves over 500 youth, many of whom do not have a safer alternative during those hours, either because their parents must work, are absent, or otherwise must rely on the Club to assist during these hours. 


Club Demographics


All children ages 6-18 are eligible to attend the Club, regardless of socioeconomic or other status.  However, a large percentage of our members are children in need.  Nearly half of our members receive free or reduced lunches at school, and/or reside in single parent households.  In 2010, the Club provided over 6,000 meals and over 22,000 snacks to members, without which many would go without eating during non-school times. 


Providing an atmosphere that fosters academic success


The Club provides a learning center and mentors to assist members with their homework.  We also provide additional learning opportunities and activities on a year-round basis, including a fine arts competition, science club, digital photography, music makers, and robotics.  In 2010, 435 members participated in one or more Academic Success programs.


Promoting healthy lifestyles


The Club teaches the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices such as regular exercise and a healthy diet.  The Club teaches programs designed to give members the tools to resist drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use.  388 members participated in one or more of the Club’s Healthy Lifestyles programs in 2010. 


Developing character and inspiring leadership


The Club’s activities and educational programs help members develop sportsmanship skills and effective team work.  We also teach leadership skills and the value of giving back to others, and seek ways to help our members eventually break out of negative cycles and environments.  We are honored to have both the 2010 and 2011 Wyoming Youth of the Year winners as members of our Club.  The Youth of the Year is a statewide competition among Boys & Girls Clubs members who exemplify excellent character and leadership.




For many years, the Club has successfully maintained membership dues at only $10 per year for after school programming. Modest, additional fees are charged for non-school day and summer attendance.

Current Club Site at 1700 Snyder Avenue


Current outdoor space for kids


Current on-street parking, heavy traffic and industrial neighborhood. 

All kids must be transported to and from our current location.

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